Clinical Use

Evidence-Based Clinical Applications

The King-Devick Test is used worldwide as a proven indicator of saccadic eye movements using Rapid Number Naming (RNN™). According to peer-reviewed studies published in elite journals, King-Devick Test is a proven method to help determine neurological functionality.

The King-Devick Test measures planning and execution of saccades and rapid number naming, functions that research has shown involves a wide network of anatomical structures that bridge nearly every level of the brain. The intricacy and widespread distribution of this network make it susceptible to functional neurological deficits that can be detected by the King-Devick Test.

According to peer-reviewed studies published in elite journals, King-Devick Test is a proven method to help determine neurological functionality. 

Research has shown King-Devick Test to be highly sensitive and specific for the detection of concussion. Additionally, K-D Test offers evidence-based tools for reading fluency and remediation. Along with products supported by research as quality of life measures in neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s disease, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and Alzheimer’s disease; as well as functionality measures in acute hypoxia and extreme sleep deprivation.

Your eyes are actually part of the brain. 

Vision alone accounts for over 55% of brain pathways and eye movements relate closely to the functional integrity of an injured brain. Impaired eye movements are an indicator of suboptimal brain function. King-Devick Test quickly screens for impairments of eye movements, visual processing, concentration, attention, speech, language, and other correlates of brain function.

Concussion Management

Offers patients comprehensive concussion solutions such as: Baseline Testing, Sideline Concussion Screening, Eye Tracking Software, Post-Injury Monitoring and Oculomotor Rehabilitation

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Reading Solutions

Provides evidence-based solutions for reading disabilities including: Oculomotor Screening, Reading Remediation and Eye Tracking Software

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Neurological Function

Offers patients quality of life and functionality measures for: Oculomotor Monitoring, Variable Contrast Sensitivity, and Eye Tracking Software

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