King-Devick Test (K-D Test) for Reading is used worldwide as a screening tool for eye movement disorders related to reading performance.

King-Devick Test is based on the time to perform rapid number naming. It involves reading aloud a series of single digit numbers from left to right as quickly and accurately as possible without making errors on a standardized, electronic testing platform. Quickly and objectively administer the K-D Test for Reading with age-matched percentile rank and accuracy result scores for subjects from 6 years old through 14 and older.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress reported that children that are not proficient readers by 4th Grade are 4 times more likely to drop out of high school. However, only 34% of 4th Graders are proficient readers.

Studies have shown that there is a significant relationship between poor oculomotor functions and learning disabilities. Subjects who perform poorly on the K-D Test may not be efficient readers. K-D Test is a valuable tool for teachers to help determine if a student’s poor reading performance is related to deficiencies in their ability to move their eyes efficiently.

Providing solutions by teaching the physical act of reading.

In a study published in Clinical Pediatrics, King-Devick Reading Acceleration Program (RAP™) software significantly increased reading fluency in elementary school students over a training period of six weeks. Efficient and accurate eye movements can be trained and correspondingly reading performance can be improved.

At home

Objectively screen your child’s eye movement efficiency and practice the physical act of reading with King-Devick Reading Acceleration Program.

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For Schools and Clinics

Educators and medical professionals can order K-D Test Pro: Reading and King-Devick Reading Acceleration Program for students or patients in bulk.

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The Research

K-D Test For Reading is a proven indicator of oculomotor inefficiencies during reading with hundreds of published papers in over 19 countries.

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