Neurological Function

KDt Tablet Apps

Performance Facts

K-D Test products measure speed and accuracy during a rapid number naming task in which a series of single-digit numbers is read aloud.

Performance on the K-D Test requires vision and eye movements involving the integrated function of the brainstem, cerebellum and cerebral cortex. Cognitive processing is also required including:


Pathology in any of these functional pathways may result in errors and poor K-D Test performance.

Vision alone accounts for more than 50% of the brain’s pathways, making vision and eye movements particularly vulnerable in brain injury.

Following a brain injury up to

90% of patients experience vision-related symptoms

Neurological Pathways Involved in K-D Test Screening Performance

Highlighted areas shown here include those responsible for planning, initiation and execution of the coordinated functions of vision, eye movement, attention, language and concentration required for successful performance on the K-D Test.

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Software Products


K-D TEST Pro Monitoring

Price: $700.00 (20 Patient Licenses)

Guide clinical management with quick, objective, quantitative post-injury monitoring.

Objectively and quantitatively monitor progress with charts and graphs that capture K-D Test performance over time.

  • Quickly and easily administer at each follow-up visit to monitor recovery progress
  • Normative data for patients over 15 years old
  • Automated Speech Recognition for scoring



Price: $650.00 (10 Patient Activations)

Improve eye movement deficits in patients suffering from persistent symptoms.

K-D RAP is a web-based oculomotor program with compliance monitoring.

  • Set goals and tailor programs for individual patients
  • Monitor real-time outcome measures and compliance over recovery
  • For in-office or at-home use


King-Devick Test in association with Mayo Clinic

Price: $20.00

Remove-From-Play Sideline Concussion Screening Tool.

Ideal for providing medical outreach services for sports clubs and schools.

  • Quick, validated and objective
  • For teams, schools or clubs
  • Unlimited baseline and post-injury screening per athlete annually


K-D Eye Tracking Software System

Contact a Specialist for Pricing

Bring quantitative tools to brain injury management.

Provide detailed assessment of oculomotor function during performance of K-D Test.

  • Quantify impairment severity and recovery progression
  • Display eye metrics
  • Easily evaluate change over time

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