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Practicing the physical act of reading with K-D RAP has proven to improve oral reading fluency and comprehension for early readers in 1st through 4th grade in as little as six weeks

Accurate and efficient eye movements are essential to develop strong and confident readers. When younger students are learning how to read, they have imprecise eye movements resulting in slower reading performance. Eye movements are learned motor skills that, like other complex motor skills, take practice and develop with age. K-D RAP helps early readers learn how to move their eyes effectively by practicing the physical act of reading.

  • Proven

    Over 90% of students who completed K-D RAP improved reading performance according to peer-reviewed studies published in elite journals
  • Quick Outcomes

    Students have shown to improve reading scores in as little as six weeks
  • Lasting Results

    Research has shown that improvements in reading remained beyond 2 years following use of K-D RAP
Laptop with K-D RAP

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King-Devick Eye Movement Test For Reading
with Reading Acceleration Program (K-D RAP)

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KDt app

Program Features

  • Secure, protected cloud-based system
  • Compatible with 9.7” iPads or computer
  • Unlimited practice sessions per year
  • K-D Test pre-screener included before practice
  • Practice 10-20 minutes per day at home
  • Track progress and practice sessions

K-D RAP Program Specifications

Device iPad Computer/Laptop
Screen Size Minimum 9.7” 13” or Larger
Screen Aspect Ratio - 16:9 or 4:3
Resolution - 1024x768 and Above
Internet or Wi-Fi Needed Yes Yes
Operating System 8.0 or Later Windows 7+, MacOS 10+, Chrome OS, Linux
Compatible Browsers - IE8+, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
App App Store
By teaching students the physical act of reading during this critical learning period between first through fourth grades, we can make a huge impact in education.
Amaal Starling, M.D., Mayo Clinic Neurologist

How K-D RAP Works

How it Works

The student’s task is to read aloud dynamically presented number targets quickly on a computer or iPad. Speed settings are easily adjusted and increased with ongoing practice. Provide motivation with individual practice goals and view progress over time.

Mother & Child Reading on Tablet App

Mother & Child Reading on Tablet App

Some Facts About Eye Movements and Reading

  • Eye movements required for reading are like other complex motor skills that take practice and develop with age.
  • Vision alone accounts for more than 55% of the brain’s pathways, making vision and eye movements essential for reading – a highly intricate neurological task.
  • Efficient eye movements may not be fully developed at the time a child learns to read.
  • Eye movements in younger children are imprecise, requiring more regressions in which eyes must reread text which, in turn, results in slower performance.

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