In recent years, few injuries have garnered as much attention in the sporting world than concussions.

There is no sport that is exempt from the risk, which is why as a parent, coach or athletic director, it’s our job to be safety advocates for our athletes. Ensure that validated, objective screening tools like the King-Devick Test in association with Mayo Clinic are being used on the sidelines of sporting events to effectively recognize concussions properly removing an athlete from play.

Did you know that 85% of concussions go undiagnosed?

Get the facts. Download our KD-Test Concussion Fact Sheet below.


Why Remove from Play is so Important?

Remove From Play vs. Return To Play

Research has shown that concussed athletes are more likely to experience another brain injury. If this occurs before the first concussion heals, they can experience prolonged recovery and worse outcomes, including post-concussion syndrome and, although rare, second impact syndrome. This is why recognizing the injury and getting the athlete out of the game is critical.

Once an athlete has sustained a diagnosed concussion, signs and symptoms should be closely monitored by a medical professional to ensure that athletes are fully recovered before going back in the game. The most comprehensive concussion protocols include measures for both remove from play and return to play.

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