Reading Related Eye Movement Disorders

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Performance Facts

Patients who perform poorly on the K-D Test may not be efficient readers.

K-D Test is a quick and objective tool for clinicians to help determine if a patient’s poor reading performance is related to eye movement deficiencies. Studies have shown that practicing the physical act of reading with the K-D Reading Acceleration Program significantly increased oral fluency and comprehension in elementary-aged subjects in as little as six weeks (Vision Development & Rehabilitation, The Effect of the King-Devick Reading Acceleration Program on Reading Fluency and Comprehension: A Summary of Randomized Clinical Trials, 2017).

Saccadic eye movement is a learned motor skill that, like other complex motor skills, takes practice and develop with age.

2X Improvement in Reading Fluency

5X Improvement in Reading Comprehension

Eye Movements and Reading: Some Facts

  • Vision alone accounts for more than 55% of the brain’s pathways, making vision and eye movements for efficient reading – a highly intricate task.1
  • Efficient eye movements may not be fully developed at the time a child learns to read.2
  • Eye movements in young children are imprecise, requiring more regressions in which eye must reread text which, in turn, results in slower reading performance. When translated to the task of reading, that slower reading rate leads to poor reading fluency, comprehension, and academic performance.3
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K-D TEST Pro Reading Package

Price: $200 (USD) (20 K-D Tests)

Assess for reading related eye movement disorders. K-D Test Pro Reading can be quickly and easily administered.
  • Instant results compared to age-matched normative data for patients 6-14+ years old
  • 20 K-D Test assessments per package
  • Application does not store data


K-D Reading Acceleration Program (RAP)

Price: $650 (USD) (10 Patient Activations)

Remediate eye movement deficiencies in patients to improve reading performance. K-D RAP is a web-based and oculomotor remediation program with compliance monitoring.
  • Set goals and tailor programs for individual patients
  • Monitor real-time outcome measures and compliance over recovery
  • For in-office or at-home use

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