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K-D Test Pro Monitoring

Objectively and quantitatively monitor King-Devick Test progress

Laptop with K-D RAP

Objectively and quantitatively monitor progress with charts and graphs that capture King-Devick Test performance over time. K-D Test Pro Monitoring can be used for serial monitoring eye movement disorders including saccadic impairment.

  • Quick

    King-Devick Test can be administered in two minutes or less
  • Objective

    Get honest and accurate results from subjects
  • Quantitative

    Compare subject King-Devick Test results with convenient charts and graphs


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500+ 15% Off $44.20 (USD)/License

King-Devick technologies selected as winner of the VA InnoVAtion Awards

Winners of the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Innovation Demo Day competition share their victory with VA Senior Adviser Matthew Collier during Day 2 of VA’s Brain Trust: Pathways to InnoVAtion summit held May 17-18 in Boston. Winners are, from left, Max Randall of Daptly; KC Beard of Daptly; Steve Devick of King-Devick Technologies; VA’s Collier; Jason Roncoroni of Save A Warrior; and Jake Clark of Save A Warrior. The winners will have the potential opportunity to implement and deploy their innovations with VA. Read more.

Graphic representation of how K-D RAP works
Physician with Older Patient

Program Features

  • Secure, protected cloud-based system
  • Compatible with 9.7+” iPads
  • Annual subject license allows for unlimited testing
  • Results compared to normative data for subjects 6 years and older
  • Automated Speech Recognition option for convenient scoring (compatible with iOS11+)

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