K-D Balance

K-D Balance is an FDA 510(K) cleared mobile application used by athletic trainers, physical therapists, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to assess vestibular dysfunction.

K-D Balance App

K-D Balance assesses three key balance stance metrics: double stance, right tandem stance and left tandem stance.

To utilize K-D Balance, an iPhone or iPod Touch is secured to the patient with a hands-free, wearable device holder in order to provide device stabilization.

After step-by-step voice guidance for each stance, an objective balance score is automatically derived by detecting the individual’s movements using the device’s internal accelerometer. Athletic trainers, physical therapists, physicians and other health care professionals can compare a patient’s K-D Balance assessments longitudinally.

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K-D Balance

$5/patient license
(Min. order 40 patient licenses)

This product requires the use of a device stabilizer strap (sold separately). Please check this box to verify that you have ordered the required stabilizer strap and that you are an athletic trainer of other healthcare professional.



This product requires the use of a compatible static device holder (sold separately). By ordering this product, you verify that you have ordered the required static device holder and that you are an athletic trainer or other healthcare professional.

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K-D Balance App

Program Features

  • FDA 510(K) cleared
  • Secure, protected cloud-based system
  • Compatible with iPhone 6 or later and iPod Touch running iOS 8.0+
  • Quick & objective balance assessments
  • Unlimited balance testing per patient annually


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