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K-D Recovery Acceleration Program

Provide in-office or at-home tools for eye movement deficits with K-D RAP.

K-D Recovery Acceleration Program (RAP)

Following a brain injury, up to 90% of patients experience vision-related symptoms (Occurrence of oculomotor dysfunctions in acquired brain injury: a retrospective analysis, 2007). The K-D RAP is an in-clinic or at-home computer-based oculomotor program.

  • Outcome Measures

    Show instant outcome measures over the course of recovery
  • Compliance Monitoring

    Check in on your patients practice progress with real-time compliance monitoring
  • Flexibility

    Patients can practice K-D RAP in-clinic or at-home on a computer or iPad


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K-D Recovery Acceleration Program (RAP)

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Graphic representation of how K-D RAP works

Program Features

K-D Recovery Acceleration Program (RAP)
  • Secure, protected cloud-based system
  • Compatible with 9.7” iPads or computer
  • Patient activation gains unlimited program access for one year
  • Conveniently practice in-office or at-home
  • Track progress and practice sessions

System Requirements

How K-D RAP Works

The patient’s task is to read aloud dynamically presented number targets quickly on a computer or iPad. Speed settings are easily adjusted and increased with ongoing practice. Provide motivation with individual practice goals and view progress over time.

Graphic representation of how K-D RAP works

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