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K-D Test Pro Reading Package

Quickly screen patients for reading-related eye movement disorders with K-D Test Pro Reading

K-D Test Pro Reading

K-D Test Pro Reading is an iPad-based program that allows clinicians to administer the King-Devick Test to patients during annual exams or vision screening events. The App will automatically compare test results with age-related normative data in speed and accuracy. Clinicians can identify patients that may be prime candidates for the King-Devick Reading Acceleration Program (RAP).

  • Reliable

    K-D Test has been extensively researched and validated by peer-reviewed studies published in elite journals
  • Quick

    K-D Test Pro Reading can be easily administered in two minutes or less
  • Objective

    Patient performance immediately compared to age-related normative data for patients aged 6-14+ years old


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K-D Test Pro Reading Package

$200 (USD)
(20 K-D Test Screenings)



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Program Features

  • Compatible with 9.7” iPads or computer
  • 20 K-D Test screenings per package
  • Simple and easy instructions
  • Administer K-D Test when Wi-Fi is not available
  • Application does not store data

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