K-D Eye Tracking
Software System



In addition to the output from the K-D Test (number of errors and time to completion), the K-D Eye Tracking Software System provides a detailed display of oculomotor function during performance of the K-D Test.

  • Quick

    K-D Test can be administered in two minutes or less
  • Objective

    Get honest and accurate results from patients
  • Quantitative

    Compare patient K-D Test results with advanced data, convenient charts and visual graphs


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K-D Eye Tracking Software System

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Program Features

K-D Eye Tracking Software Scans

K-D Eye Tracking Scan - Healthy

a) Healthy Control Patient

K-D Eye Tracking Scan - Concussed

b) Concussed Patient

  • Secure, protected cloud-based system
  • Quantify impairment severity and recovery progression
  • Display eye metrics
  • Visualize raw scan paths with fixations and saccades
  • Easily evaluate K-D Test change over time

Software System Requirements

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