Study – Risk of CTE From MMA “Should Not Be Underestimated”

Posted on February 9, 2021 by EMagraken Adding to this site’s database of combat sports health and safety studies, research was recently published in the Journal of The Physician and Sports Medicine addressing brain injury...
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Study connects eye movement to Alzheimer’s disease

Denise A. Valenti Wednesday, September 28, 2016 The manner in which the eyes scan during a reading-related task may be an indicator of Alzheimer’s disease. This was demonstrated in...
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Video Icon Mayo Researchers Study New Way to Diagnose Concussions

In the state of hockey, a group of Mayo Clinic researchers has a different goal in mind. They believe there are better ways to diagnose concussions. With the help...
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This Way In: The Latest Concussion Research

“Given the many brain pathways involved in concussion, we think that a combination of cognitive, balance and vision tests may be best to improve diagnosis of concussion in athletes,”...
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