Mother & Child Reading

Pre-school & Kindergarten
eBook Series

KDt eBooks bring endless fun and interactive reading experiences to children

Introducing a new approach when learning to read – practicing the physical act of reading to children. The King-Devick Early Education E-Readers series include a number of engaging and interactive story lines integrating rapid number naming (RNN™), rapid object naming (RON™), rapid color naming (RCN™), and rapid picture naming (RPN™) exercises for children in Pre-school & Kindergarten.

  • Recordable Stories

    Parents or grandparents can safely record stories that children can playback at any time
  • Interactive Games

    After each story, children can practice their counting skills with a number of interactive games
  • Reading Development

    Children can practice accurate eye movements with pictures, numbers, objects and colors

KDt eBook: Savannah the Panda

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KDt eBooks

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Little girl and father are enjoying reading book together

Some facts about eye movements and reading

  • Eye movements required for reading are like other complex motor skills that take practice and develop with age.
  • Vision alone accounts for more than 55% of the brain’s pathways, making vision and eye movements essential for reading – a highly intricate neurological task.
  • Efficient eye movements may not be fully developed at the time a child learns to read.
  • Eye movements in younger children are imprecise, requiring more regressions in which eyes must reread text which, in turn, results in slower performance.