Sideline Concussion Screening

Quickly recognize when an athlete needs to be removed-from-play after a suspected concussion with King-Devick Test in association with Mayo Clinic.

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  • Reliable

    K-D Test has been extensively validated by peer-reviewed studies published in elite journals. The K-D Test has been shown to be additive to other sideline assessments such as balance and cognition, and is a recommended component of the Mayo Clinic Sideline Concussion Protocol.
  • Simple

    Athletic trainers, coaches, parents and medical professionals can administer K-D Test to their athletes as part of a comprehensive concussion detection and management protocol
  • Objective

    Get honest and accurate results from athletes
  • Instant Results

    Screen athletes on the sidelines of sporting events immediately after a contact or collision to help recognize concussion symptoms and safely remove athletes from play for further evaluation


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Number of Athletes: Annual Cost:
1-99 $20/athlete
100-199 $15/athlete
200+ $10/athlete

(Min. order 3 athletes)



KDt app

Program Features

  • Secure, protected cloud-based system
  • Compatible with 9.7” iPads, 10.1” Android tablets, or computer
  • Unlimited testing per athlete
  • Includes baseline testing, post-injury screening and monitoring
  • Use iPads or Android tablets when wi-fi is not available
  • Email injury reports to physicians or parents

of the Game

Learn more on how K-D Test is used by athletic trainers and clinical staff for sideline concussion screening at the University of Miami.


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Our boys play hockey, which means collisions. If they have a physical injury we know what to do about it. K-D Test helps the parents on our team identify potential injuries that are unseen, and does so with a quick tool to help prevent further unseen injury.

Peter Cook, Parent, Hinsdale Central Hockey Team March 9, 2018

Our Clients Include...

Concussion Facts

Concussion Symptoms may not be apparent for hours or days

Studies Show

85% of concussions may go undiagnosed

The majority of concussions occur without loss of consciousness

How K-D Test Works

At the beginning of the season, establish a pre-injury K-D baseline on your iPad or Android tablet. After a hard hit or collision, use the King-Devick Test in association with Mayo Clinic App to screen your athlete right from the sidelines or at home. According to our validated protocol, a worse post-injury test indicates that a concussion may have occurred and that your athlete should be immediately removed from play and evaluated by a licensed professional.

Activate your King-Devick Test subscription for at-home use or for athletic programs at the club, high school, collegiate levels and beyond.

K-D Test can
be administered by:

  • Coaches
  • Parents
  • Athletic Trainers

Step 1


Open the K-D Test App and follow the instructions to establish the athlete’s pre-injury K-D Baseline.

Step 2


After a hard hit or collision, open the K-D Test App to conduct a post-injury test on the sideline.

Step 3


The K-D Test App will compare the current results to the baseline to determine if the athlete should be immediately removed from play and evaluated by a licensed professional.

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