Sideline test takes guesswork out of concussion diagnosis

“For us, the test is quick and objective, and players who might otherwise hide symptoms cannot hide a failed King-Devick test score,” says Kaki Schmidt, hockey parent and Safety/Concussion...
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Video Icon European Rugby Club Pilots Concussion Test

Howe of Fife Rugby Club is leading the way in Europe by adding King-Devick Test to the sidelines for player concussion evaluations. Watch the Video
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The 2015 winners of the Chicago Innovation Awards

This year’s winners were culled from 535 nominations, which were narrowed down by 12 judges to 100 in September and then 10 finalists for the main award and 10...
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NFL to Help Fund Search for New Concussion Therapy

The other research will assess the long-term effects of multiple concussions on jockeys and the effectiveness of the King-Devick test, a visual examination that is used to diagnose concussions,...
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2015 Miami-Dade Schools Concussion Workshop

An update from Samantha Figueroa of the King-Devick concussion screening test, a rapid eye tracking test was also presented. Expanding on the portability of the King-Devick is now a...
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Video Icon Dr. Oz Explains the King-Devick Test

Dr. Oz explains how this at-home concussion test can determine whether players should be removed from games and seek medical help. Watch the original video here
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Video Icon Youth football works to prevent, diagnose concussions

The King-Devick test was developed by an optometrist in the Chicago area in the 1970’S and was originally designed to diagnose reading problems with students. But in recent years...
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Yale joins MHSAA concussion testing pilot program

“We are excited to be a part of this,” Yale Athletic Director Maureen Klocke said. “We have had our share of injuries like everyone else. Players are bigger, stronger...
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