Though studies describe postconcussive changes in eye movements, there is a need for data describing baseline eye movements. The purpose of this study was to describe baseline eye movements and visual contrast acuity using the King-Devick (KD) Eye Tracking System and KD Visual Contrast Sensitivity Chart. Fewer total saccades were noted in soccer players than basketball players (soccer, 56.9 ± 14.3; basketball, 101.1 ± 41.3; p = .0005). No significant differences were noted for the number of saccades between sexes (males, 60.4 ± 20.3; females, 84.9 ± 41.8, p = .100) or in contrast acuity between all groups (p > .05). These results suggest the presence of sport-specific trends that may invalidate the comparison of postconcussion evaluation to generic baseline athlete eye movements.

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