By Anila Gill Spend some quality time with your father this Sunday with some dad-specific documentaries currently available to stream. After treating your dad to a fine meal or a round on the golf course, why not sit back, relax and spend some time watching some appropriately themed documentaries? With films ranging from the heartwarming to the triumphant to the downright disturbing, you and your Dad will find something you can agree upon in our selections. Or just let him pick the doc. It's his day, after all! ... Head Games: The Global Concussion Crisis Watch on Hulu Directed by Steve James Dads be warned, this is not your average sports doc! Head Games tackles the alarming and often deadly trend among athletes to continue playing sports after suffering multiple concussions. In his newest documentary, Steve James, the award winning director of Hoop Dreams, calls for a dialogue on the topic that takes these injuries more seriously.
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