The King-Devick Test is one method Clugston and his team have used since 2011. The test is a two-minute challenge that requires an athlete to read single-digit numbers displayed on cards or on an iPad. UF collects baseline data for the King-Devick Test as with all of its concussion tests, and if an athlete is suspected of suffering head trauma, he or she is re-tested. If the time needed to complete the test is any longer than their baseline result, the athlete is removed from play and further evaluated.

UF and the University of Pennsylvania were the first schools to implement the King-Devick Test as part of their concussion management programs. “That’s something we feel is important to add in to the other concussions tests that we already do,’’ Clugston said. “It’s the only one of the simple tests that really looks at vision, and vision is a big component of the brain.”

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